Beacon provided environmental oversight of an underground storage tank and petroleum-impacted soil removal as a portion of a Brownfields Remediation project.

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The property had previously been used as a vegetable canning facility, frozen vegetable manufacturing facility, and leather tanning facility.  It has been vacant since 2012 and through bankruptcy, no owner was present within the community.  Vandalism and crime were rampant on the property as the Site sits far off the main roadway with no one paying attention to it.

In 2016, the Hartland Redevelopment LLC (LLC) was created and acquired the property from the sole remaining member of the bankruptcy proceeding.

Beacon assisted the LLC is obtaining a $70,000 grant from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s Revolving Loan Fund to remediate petroleum-related contamination.

In November 2016, Beacon oversaw the removal of a 20,000-gallon number six oil underground storage tank and the removal of 351 tons of petroleum-impacted soils.  The property will now be redeveloped as a business incubator property to begin the slow process of rebuilding a once vibrant industrial community.

I have been working with John Cressey since he started Beacon Environmental Consultants, LLC. John is a pleasure to work with as he is professional, responsive, and dependable. John has completed two Brownfield projects for the Town and is providing sampling services for our Landfill. Job well done!Christopher Littlefield, Town Manager, Town of Hartland