Beacon was contracted to oversee the amending of lead-contaminated dredge spoils in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  We developed a work plan for the MEDEP to review and comment and received their approval.  Over the course of four days, Beacon oversaw the placement of impacted soils into a rolloff container and mixed with Maectite liquid to bind the lead to the soil making it unleachable and non-hazardous in accordance with USEPA TCLP analysis.  The soils will be disposed of at a licensed special waste landfill.

Dredge spoils being excavated
Maectite in totes
Adding Maectite to rolloff
Maectite on soil prior to mixing.
Mixing soils and Maectite with excavator
Mixed soil in a rolloff can (a metal transportation device for shipment to a landfill with a liner).
Stockpiling amended soils
Stockpiled soils under poly sheeting
Loading soils for disposal at a Special Waste Landfill.
Soils to be retreated with Maectite in Spring 2020.
Dredge spoils being excavated