Firing Range Investigation

Beacon is assisting a municipality in determining lead levels and corrective action steps for an indoor firing range.  Firing ranges are susceptible to lead contamination if proper ventilation and periodic cleaning is not performed.  We can develop bid specification packages to assist in selection of a remediation contractor to reduce costs and ensure that the cleanup is completed to the required levels for reuse.


Chinet Groundwood Mill

Beacon is currently assisting the Maine DEP with the determination and disposal planning of building materials at this former mill property contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls in painted substrates.  This Brownfield site is currently owned by the Maine IF&W as a boat launch.


Have you been told you need an environmental assessment?

Beacon is poised to provide assistance for your environmental assessment needs.  The first question you may ask is why am I being asked to have an assessment done?  The most common answer is that you are either buying or refinancing a piece of property and your financial institution is requiring it or your attorney has recommended it.  The reason behind this is to provide you and, by extension, your financial institution with liability protections from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation,